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Donate to Ukraine Relief Through The UCC

The infrastructure for providing aid that actually reaches people in the Ukraine is already in place and funded by our UCC global mission dollars.  That means we can be assured that funds donated thru the UCC will provide direct help for Ukraine relief efforts.

On the UCC page Connie Larkman writes:

“Members of the United Church of Christ are joining the global community to respond to the events unfolding in Ukraine,” said the Rev. Karen Georgia Thompson, associate general minister, Wider Church Ministries and Global Operations. ”We are praying earnestly for peace and for the hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the war. And, we are adding our resources to ensure that all can have access to safety and shelter as the fighting escalates.”

The UCC, through Global H.O.P.E. and Global Ministries, will be collaborating with ACT Alliance and the Reformed Church of Hungary (RCH) to bring aid to Ukraine. RCH is responding to the situation in the war-torn country through its agency, Hungarian Reformed Church Aid. That group has been offering humanitarian assistance since Russian troops first attacked Ukraine on Feb. 24. It’s working with elderly and other vulnerable communities inside the country who have not been able to leave, including immigrants and migrant populations who are experiencing difficulties crossing into other European countries. HRCA is also working with refugees who are leaving the country. 

“We are particularly grateful the Reformed Church of Hungary is prioritizing care of vulnerable populations who are unable to leave Ukraine for multiple reasons,” Thompson said. “The elderly and other internally displaced persons have emerging needs requiring attention.”


Gifts to the UCC Ukraine Emergency Appeal will provide shelter, food and other care to war refugees and internally displaced people. It also will help refugees and asylum seekers from African, Middle Eastern and other countries who had sought refuge in Ukraine and now are twice displaced, as well as other citizens of more than 125 countries living in Ukraine.

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