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We are a Congregation rich in history and spirit

    Building begun 1814 by families who left First Congregational Church desiring a building further north.

  •  Named “Strict Congregational Society”of Woodbury as 2 Congregational churches in the same town was not legal. Strict being there was no alcohol to be served on the premises and which continues to this day.

  • December 25, 1816 - first church service held in the new building

  • 1963 North Congregational Church becomes the official name as the Strict Congregational Society was dissolved.

  • 8 Roman Doric columns, each 50 ft. high were donated by 8 original families from trees on their farms.

  • Only church in Ct. designed by architect/builder Asher Benjamin

  • Church bell installed in 1819 and replaced in 1871

  • Choir loft was originally in the back of the church being moved to the front behind the pulpit in 1898.

  • Organ pipes visible in the choir loft are from the organ used from 1868 – 1947

  • Pews were sold to generate income, the most expensive being in the front of the pulpit or in the rear near the stoves!

  • Historic items in the Narthex are communion services & mite boxes and plates for collections

  • 1952 main floor was replaced

  • 1955 Parish house built

  • 1965 steeple was renovated, church and parish house were connected

  • 1999 another steeple renovation

  • 2015 – 2017 current complete steeple renovation - 2016 being our bicentennial year!

  • Through the changes over time the church has maintained its colonial character and is and excellent example of Congregational architecture in New England.

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200th Anniversary Celebration