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Sunday School & 
Christian Education 
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Sunday School registration and classes begin in September on RALLY SUNDAY and follows the public school calendar to end in early June with a festive SUMMER SUNDAY KICK OFF. Ashley Nelson is our director and a young mother of 4. She brings a positive and enthusiastic approach to Sunday School with fresh ideas to enhance the program.

Our program runs on a 3 week rotation. The 1st week we read through and expand upon a bible story with discussion, questions and answers. The 2nd week is a craft activity relating to the bible story and the 3rd week is a cooking/baking activity bringing the story full circle. Each week the children continue to discuss how the bible story relates to them and their lives.

There are 2 groups of students. The younger group of 4-7 year olds meet in the lower level classrooms. The older group of 8-13 year olds meet in the upper level classrooms which have been beautifully renovated recently. Our bright and welcoming nursery is available during worship to children 3 and under. Please come a little before 10:00 and Ashley will help you get your child settled in with one of our Sunday School mom’s on nursery duty. The NOAHS ARK nursery is filled with age appropriate toys, books and musical instruments to keep your child happily entertained.

During this COVID 19 stay at home period the children have been corresponding with our homebound by sending letters and drawings. They have stayed connected with each other via ZOOM meetings and been given special activities to complete at home. The goal for the upcoming year is to participate in more OUTREACH activities in our community. One idea is to clean up the trash found in some of the local parks and hiking trails. Another is to help at the senior /community center when it is safe to do so.


Hosting coffee hour in our parlor after worship and helping with activities for the younger children is also planned for their outreach efforts.

Be a part of this growing and exciting program – YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!

Special Days We Recognize
  • Bible Sunday -  The 3rd or 4th Sunday of October.  Fourth graders receive their bibles during the worship service which follows the bible breakfast with Pastor Sandy and the families of the recipients. He shares his collection of bibles and favorite stories with them at this time of fellowship in the church hall.

  • Confirmation -  Confirmation class traditionally joins the church in early June and Bibles are given to church school children usually on Bible Sunday

  • Valentine’s Day breakfast – February

  • Palm Sunday pretzel making – this is the international sign of prayer

  • Easter egg coloring for the Easter Sunday Egg Hunt

  • Annual Birthday breakfast  -  May

  • Summer Sunday Kickoff – All Church outdoor worship under the big top and picnic with games -June

  • Halloween party – October

  • Christmas pageant with adult choral cantata and Christmas tea reception for families

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