Grey Goose Martini Anyone?

Whether you like it “dirty” or “Gibson style” this is the ideal gift for your Vodka loving lover! Includes Grey Goose Vodka, Vermouth, mini onions, olives, crackers and 2 stemless martini glasses. (Value: $75)


What’s in the Basket?

  • Grey Goose Vodka, 750 ml
  • Vermouth
  • Cocktail onions & green olives
  • Cookies/Crackers
  • 2 stemless Martini/Cosmo glasses



Baskets pictured are representative.  Items may vary. 

Grey Goose Martini Anyone?

  • No refunds available

    • Curbside pick up on Sunday, November 22nd between noon and 3:00 pm, (no exceptions, please), located at North Church parking lot, 11 Main Street North, Woodbury, CT. MASKS MANDATORY
    • Buyers must have a copy of the payment receipt/email and ID
    • Purchases of alcohol must be adult age 21 or over (ID required)