Breakfast Basket

Treat your special someone to breakfast with a selection of Wolferman’s delicious muffins, biscuit/pancake mixes, jams, jellies, special spreads and a $10 gift certificate to Dottie’s – best donuts in town! (Value $65)


What’s in the Basket?

  • Wolferman’s Muffins, minis and traditional
  • Pancake/Biscuit Mix
  • Selection of jams/Jellies
  • Dottie’s Donuts - $10 Gift Certificate

Breakfast Basket

  • No refunds available

    • Curbside pick up on Sunday, November 22nd between noon and 3:00 pm, (no exceptions, please), located at North Church parking lot, 11 Main Street North, Woodbury, CT. MASKS MANDATORY
    • Buyers must have a copy of the payment receipt/email and ID